Happy Birthday Megan Bosselman

Dear Megan,

It’s your 29th Birthday!  It was just yesterday that we planned your first birthday party.  Even though your parents are food snobs, with your dad owning a restaurant and all, we still took you to Chuck E. Cheese for an evening of not-so-good pizza and clanging symbols entertainment.  That’s what good parents did back in the day.

I laughed last weekend as I went over old photos of that special day to discover that you were the only person under age 20 that was invited.  You were the ONLY child and the center of our universe.  The world revolved around you!  I’m not sure how we bamboozled other adult friends to come along for the party…they brought gifts, too, and their reward was pizza that tasted like a cardboard box.  Nonetheless, they joyfully came and spent an evening doting over you in your adorable party hat.  “Come see the baby…isn’t she cute?”

I cried last weekend.  Your birthday is the day I struggle with the most.  Holidays present their unique challenges, but your birthday is the one day utterly devoted to you.  I miss you more than you can imagine.

So much has changed since you left.  Ryan moved to a job in Overland Park, Kansas…nonetheless the brother that hates to have his picture taken, had professional portraits done for me for Christmas by Troy Grover Photography.  He drove up in bad weather in that monster truck that I need a step ladder to get into just for the photo shoot.  It’s wicked cold here, but your brother never really liked wearing a coat in the snow.  This time I didn’t yell at him.

My day began today at 3:00 a.m. when the salsa jingle sounded on my new phone.  My first instinct was to murder the friend that woke me out of a dead sleep, until I realized it was the schedule alarm reminding me it’s your birthday.  I’m not sure why that was the first thing I programmed in to the phone.  How could I forget the day my girl was born?  Maybe I just liked marking my calendar with the little birthday cake in your honor.  What I failed to see was that the scheduled time defaulted to 3:00 a.m.  I miss you being here to help me with all things electronic.  I will say that since your brother has moved I have figured out all the t.v. remotes, since he can no longer just drive over to untangle any mess I make.

I’m guessing that you have convinced the Lord Almighty that it’s actually ‘birthday week’…not just birth-day.  One can only assume there are presents in heaven, as you now live with Master and Creator of every good and perfect gift.

You were the perfect gift for us.

Love, Mom


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Article by: Valerie Bourdain

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