Firefighters on the Move

Yes, those are my huge chairs!

According to a July 10, 2014 report in The Rotten Hop, beer has been named official currency for friends reluctantly helping you move.

With brewskies as the bargaining chip, I had to shrewdly assess all my options as I approached my August 15 move from a basement apartment to a fourth floor high-rise.  I didn’t want to doubt the validity of The Rotten Hop, the world’s most trusted beer news source….after all, if it says it on the internet it must be true.   However, I’ve often questioned this American tradition:  a bunch of friends give up their lazy Scooby-Doo watching Saturday to spend 10 hours hauling my huge chairs up four flights of stairs in 100 degree August Nebraska heat for a Pabst Blue Ribbon?

Sweet Jesus…Not my friends.

My friends are diverse in their food and beverage preferences. I’ve got my Zen-loving Vegan pals who would be vying for some green leaf VitaMix concoction…or my sommelier friend who would be looking for a fine glass of Kim Crawford Chardonnay, unoaked.  I also have AA friends, who I would never disrespect their commitment to abstinence from alcohol by offering beer as a thank you…and lastly the Irish. Oh yeah…my Irish friends always think beer is a good idea but if I amortize one beer over a ten-hour move, I’m putting a buck value on the time of my priceless friends.  No thanks…

Call me the last of the big spenders, but I paid real money for professional movers.

My friend Greg told me to look into Firefighters on the Move, and without googling a bunch of Yelp references, I called Matt and hired the team.  Call me crazy for not thoroughly investigating the matter, but my dad taught me so many things default to character;  Omaha firefighters are the cream of the character crop, and I knew I could trust men who rush in to save a life when the world rushes out.

Obviously I didn’t need their life-saving skills…but I needed their life-moving skills.  In the last six years I downsized my girl’s personal possessions, my own life of 25 years and a 7200 square foot home, and finally possessions surrounding the estate of both my Mom and my Dad.  Two years ago when my property landed at Jason and Sondra’s, I was to begin sorting through the last remnants, but my best laid plans diverted me to time with Dad as he navigated through hospice.  Dusty boxes waited. Quote

I needed Firefighters On the Move to come in, grab my life, and move me to the next place.  At ‘the next place’ I will sort through the last remnants of Megan’s life, organize those hundreds of photos from the Wonder Years of Megan and Ryan and assess how I wanted to streamline furniture in my new apartment where writing is the top priority.  I clearly outlined the parameters of the move to Matt, and Firefighters on the Move delivered.

I also must say that I desperately needed to return to the privacy of my life.  Face it…we are people of curiosity.  I’m included.  If my friends would spill open the contents of my underwear drawer, I didn’t need a symphony of conversation that included, “You wear Batman underwear?” or “Why are you keeping Megan’s kindergarten dress?” or “This is cute, where did you get it?”  I have nothing to hide, but there are hidden recesses of everyone’s heart that shouldn’t be open game for commentary at the price of a cheap brewski.

The cherry on the cake is that Firefighters on the Move are everything you imagined in handsome public servants.  They come as a team with names ranging from Eric to Scott to Hunter to Zane.  They represent every ethnicity from handsome Scott to tall drink of chocolate, Eddie.  They are all very different, but maintain the same strength of character and calmness found in every firefighter.

Firefighters on the Move…forged in the fire of AWESOME!  Thank you for getting me to the next place.  Let my writing begin…

Key Notes:

  • Don’t believe me?  Here are seven reasons to hire a professional mover.
  • Ten traits all great firefighters have:

On a Lighter Note:

  • Are you a caregiver that needs that magic feeling of caregiver powers. Target has you covered in their batman department:  Batman underwear
  • This is just too flipping good to be true!  Grab that old pasta to feed your movers!  Give your movers the leftover pasta!
  • The blog, states that Movers are for people who don’t have friends.  Err…maybe?  I guess I just want to keep the few remaining friends I have.

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  1. Oh so clever, Val. Let us know when the Welcome Wagon can pay a visit. We’ll come bearing LaCasa. R&K

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Article by: Valerie Bourdain

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