A Few Good Men at Dynamic Fitness

Matt Jackson – Owner M.E.A.T. “The Boss”

Who knew you can add “New Eating Habits” to your Life Events on Facebook?   I was unaware of that option last year when I signed up for nutrition and life coaching with M.E.A.T. owner Matt Jackson, the man I now affectionately call “The Boss“.  Even if I had known about the possibility, the Facebook pull down menu only offers choices ranging from vegetarian to omnivore.  “Fat as heck and must diet and exercise” was not in the plethora of choices.  But let it be known that Friday, August 28, 2015, the first day I walked into Dynamic Fitness to train with The Boss, the trajectory of my life changed and should have been be duly noted to my 766 Facebook best friends forever.

I am ashamed to admit that I was wearing the saddest little outfit for such an important occasion.  The ensemble included black leggings, a 2XL lavender active-wear shirt that I was stuffed into like a polish sausage, eight year old Adidas and little footies that Kim would later describe as ‘HIDEOUS HIDEOUS, dorky mom-socks.’  I was going to sweat so why dress up?

Micha Solomon and Brent Dierking
Micha Solomon and Brent Dierking – Big Men, Bigger Hearts

Perky outfits were the least of my worries.  With health stats that said I had one old Adidas foot in the grave, a terrified me moved forward.  My early arrival allowed enough time to observe from the sidelines, a place that was my comfort zone for 59 non-athletic years.  Boot camp was in progress, and I listened as co-owner Brent Dierking’s deep, sultry voice drilled commands in perfect sequence.  His three clients responded, moving in athletic symphony from ropes to tires to dumbbells.  Towering at 6’1″, Brent is a handsome mix of brawn and blue eyes with a dash of boyish charm that makes him quite irresistible from the get-go.  Catching my eye, he steps aside from the routine to warmly introduce himself, then looks back on his squad to say, “I didn’t tell you that you could stop!”  Laughter erupted and echoed to the rafters.  It was a sound I never associated with the gym, but it was clear that this tribe was going to be the supporting team to Jackson in my transforming world.

The other half of the Dynamic business partnership is held by Micha Solomon, a drop-dead gorgeous South African born blonde with red beard.  When placed next to Brent, it is obvious the dynamic duo offer their clients a double portion of muscular and mighty.  Brent was an all-star athlete.  Micha has an impressive portfolio of serving in the Israeli army and training its soldiers for peak physical condition.  At a glance, it would be easy for the out-of-shape to be intimidated in the presence of such attractive men.  I must be authentic and admit that after careful assessment of my chubby bunny body, I was nothing short of petrified.  There was no place to hide, and the intimate open-air gym offered no opportunity to blend into obscurity.

Little did I know that I wasn’t in the company of just pretty boys, but men determined to change me from the inside out. Brent, also a psychology major, wasted no time in welcoming me.   Unaware of my no hugging policy unless you are immediate family, he stepped into my carefully guarded zone of privacy, swooped me into a big brotherly bear hug and said “We’re glad you’re here.”  I felt his genuine love in the depth of my bones.  In that kairos moment, a man who I had just met broke down a lifelong barrier in my brain that repeatedly told me I didn’t belong in an athletic world. One hug said, “We’re with you on this journey….don’t be afraid.”

Micha was not far behind in reaching into my dark world.  The early months were difficult as Matt Jackson restructured my life and priorities, one workout at a time.  The process was slow, and behind closed doors I cried wondering if I would be defeated again;  I felt like a failure when Megan died of cancer, after all it was my job as a parent to protect her.  Would this be one more ding in my list of deficiencies? But at just the right prophetic moment, the man who trained others for combat stepped into the war of my mind and said, “Darling, you’re making great progress.”  More barriers came down.  Please, Mr. Israeli Army Trainer With Gorgeous South African Accent, say that again! Dynamic means a force that stimulates change or progress, and I realized with Jackson as my coach and the Dynamic Duo in their unique supporting role, I was in the presence of game changers. 

Trevor Fleming - Dynamic Rowing
Coach Trevor Fleming – Dynamic Rowing

Since all good things come in threes, enter Trevor Fleming to the Dynamic Fitness smorgasbord of beefcakes with dreamy blue-eyes.  The three amigos were masterminding Dynamic Rowing about the same time I participated in the Creighton 2000k.  In spite of my ‘last rower in’ status, I knew the sport was the perfect cardio for this recovering couch potato.  I must say with Coach Trevor it was love at first sight;  he has the swag of a man just in from The Hampton’s, and a witty and wise personality that makes me think,

Sweet Jesus…I wish you could have married my daughter.

In spite of that boy-next-door charisma, he has become a driving force that pushes me in high intensity interval training (HIIT) on the water rower.  This stretch outside of my lazy cardio box has been another crucial element in my M.E.A.T. fitness plan.  Rowing’s transforming ability, for both mind and body, will be the subject of the next blog in its entirety.  I’m not yet at medal-winning times for a 2000k, but my blood pressure clocks in at a 20 year all time low, without medication.

With some certainty, this week will mark a 40 pound weight loss since Labor Day Weekend 2015.  I’ll be flooded with the ‘how did you do it?’ emails and messages.  The answer is plain and simple.

Clean eating. Consistency. Hard Work. No excuses. And a few good men…

Key notes:

  • Dynamic Fitness is offering free bootcamps May 2 – May 7, 2016.  You can see the schedule and variety of classes here:  http://www.dynamicfitnessomaha.com/class-schedule/  Please note I did not even begin to list the variety of classes.  Bootcamps are filled with all walks of life;  from those preparing to compete in bodybuilding competitions to people like me working toward life and weight loss goals, to those with chronic illnesses.  All are welcome.  To beautifully quote Micha, “Here you check your ego at the door.”
  • Need to peek in the side door like me before you attend a free class?  Here are their social media locations.

Website – www.dynamicfitnessomaha.com
Facebook – https://m.facebook.com/Dynamic-Fitness-Omaha-703014246497007/
Instagram – #dynamicfitnessomaha
Twitter – @DynamicFitnessO

  • Life Ain’t Easy – Train Anyway.  This is one of the singular best articles on why you should work out.
  • I’m also proud to be part of Team M.E.A.T. under Matt and April Jackson.  The private group message board is a daily source of support.  We need each other!

On a Lighter Note:

  • The Boss has given me a list of things that weigh 40 lbs.  It includes a 15 ft. canoe.  He has texted me more than once to say, “You have lost a 15 foot canoe!”
    • A unit air conditioner also weighs 40 lbs.
  • Kim rushed out and bought me new footies and demanded the previous fashion violation be dropped at The Goodwill.  New workout shoes with matching outfit quickly followed.
    • The old Adidas tennis shoes were placed in a little grave, never to be seen again.
    • About those granny panty lines in my leggings;  Kim fixed that, too!
  • I am now an activewear addict, closely adhering to Kim’s list of rules.  My addiction is fed by the beautiful Marin Lebick who is the administrative woman who holds the Dynamic Team together and also the designer and maker of their branded shirts.  On any given Saturday, most are wearing her designs, indicative of our pride in being team members.
  • Hugging is not optional at Dynamic Fitness.  Here are 3 Reasons You Should Give A Hug.



On a Final Note:

  • I am not alone in my thoughts concerning Dynamic Fitness.  Client Judy Stuart beautifully writes:
    • I don’t know if I can adequately put into words what Brent and the family at Dynamic Fitness are doing for me but I can tell you what they are giving me and that is HOPE.  Brent is, quite simply put, an amazing human being.  He is kind and patient, tough and empathetic.  He always has a hug, a smile and words of encouragement.  He might listen to the pity party invitation i am sending his way he never accepts and shuts the party down before it can get out of hand.  He ALWAYS knows if I am having a bad day and offers an ear and a shoulder if needed.But more than all of that, he has helped me start to move again.  Slowly, deliberately and always with respect and thought given to the limitations, both mental and physical, real and self imposed, he is helping me get back to the business of living.  He pushes me to reach my potential and does not let me quit.  He helps me break through those mental barricades I have so carefully constructed and shows me what I am really capable of doing.  He believes in me, even on those days when I don’t believe in myself.  The gifts he is giving me go far beyond the physical improvements I am starting to see and feel…more energy, more strength, more stamina.  I have an increased sense of pride, confidence and self worth…and I enjoy going to the gym 6 days a week!I love Brent and the many other incredible people I have met at Dynamic Fitness…an amazing family to be a part of!!




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  1. Great job kicking but val. I started with Kendra in Feb and have dropped about 15 lbs and I love dynamic, I too was timid from the start and unsure about joining but I LOVE IT! The people i work out with are amazing and keep pushing me and help me to push them back. The trainers are caring and kind but also a tad evil lol. I love this place and I continue to tell everyone about it. It is something everyone should try at least once, sometimes it has to be about yourself. Truly the only way to help others is to help yourself first. So Thank you for the beautiful article…..and

    Ps. The guys are kinda hot to look at but so are our women trainers too lol. Hearts of gold in those.


    1. Kari, thank you so much for your comment! Bravo on 15 lbs. in 90 days!!! Kendra is a beautiful woman, inside and out. I wrote a blog, but wanted to write a book including each and every trainer. Keep up the amazing work. You are right, you help others by caring for yourself!

  2. Awesome & inspiring blog & article, Val. Congrats on the success for you & others! Confident you not only look great, but also feel great and will continue to be a great role model & inspiration to all that read your blog and know you and have witnessed your “continued change!” 🙂 Very well written blog!

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